FAS Mailing List Service

HUIT offers a mailing list service to FAS faculty and staff (using Mailman, an open-source mailing list system). While HUIT hosts and operates the Mailman service for its clients, individual faculty or staff members administer each list as the list owner.

Mailman allows list subscribers and owners to utilize and manage a robust bulk mailing platform using a web interface or by sending email-based commands. Mailman also offers a number of configurable options for individual list owners, including spam filtering and list archiving.

Information to Include with Service Request:

To create a new Mailman list, please submit the mailman request form

For List Owners:

  • If you are a list owner, you will receive an automated email when your list is created, giving you your list password and other information about how to access your list.
  • If you have a question about managing your list, please contact the HUIT Service Desk