SharePoint for Harvard

Also known as: Microsoft SharePoint, HUIT SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Live @ edu, Office 365 for education, SharePoint.


SharePoint for Harvard provides a range of functionality for projects and teams, including the ability to manage documents in a secure central location. Faculty and administrative staff in FAS and Central Administration can request a team or project site on SharePoint by contacting or 617.495.7777.

Once you have your SharePoint project or team site, you and your colleagues can sign into your SharePoint for Harvard account with the following link (for most users, this is the same login and password used for Harvard email access):

Access my account

Key Features and Benefits

SharePoint allows users to collaborate easily anywhere they have web access. Documents and other information are readily available in a secure location. The service features integration with Microsoft Office for access to documents, tasks, and projects.

The specific functionality supported includes:

  • Shared document management (default file size 50 MB)
  • Set up a project or team calendar
  • Ability to generate alerts for tasks or deadline
  • Ability to recover deleted items for 30 days

Some of the benefits include:

  • Centrally managed documents and information to reduce the risk of duplicated work and lapses in communication
  • Easy organization with tools for categorizing your information and documents
  • Standard Harvard branding and simple templates available for both a project site and a team site to help you get started quickly  

Last Updated: September 21st, 2013