Wire and Cable


Responsible for the design, implementation, and support of jacks, cable, fiber, and other telecom infrastructure

Key Features and Benefits

Services are custom tailored to the needs of each project and all work follows industry standards and leading practices, using only certified wiring vendors to ensure quality installations across the University. Telecom Services stays current on all industry standards and city regulations for Cambridge and Boston.

Services include:

  • Work with large or small construction, renovation, and installation projects
  • Work with department, architects, general contractors, and communications design teams to review and oversee project through all phases to ensure telecom infrastructure is built to the published standard
  • Perform site visits, attend project meetings, and provide final punch list to vendor
  • Review and approve cable and jack installation test results
  • Develop RFP documents for bid process
  • Evaluate proposals and make recommendations for wiring vendor selection
  • Manage/coordinate installation orders
  • Oversee installation and management of all fiber optic and copper cables
  • Review and respond as appropriate to Dig Safe notifications
  • Assist wiring vendors with access routes, sizing of cable, and scheduling
  • Identify and label jacks on floor plans according to Harvard labeling standards; information is distributed to networking and telecom groups to facilitate connections to the network and systems
  • Review new or updated engineering drawings and submit to University CAD system

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Requirements and Limitations

Some services are fee-for-service.