HUIT Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

HUIT's senior leadership team includes the managing directors of HUIT's service, program, planning, and administrative areas. This team meets biweekly and together delivers on HUIT's annual goals.

HUIT Senior Leadership Team

Anne Margulies
Anne Margulies
Vice President and University Chief Information Officer

Christian Hamer, Chief Information Security Officer
Christian Hamer
Chief Information Security Officer

Jason Snyder, Chief Technology Officer
Jason Snyder
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Yockel, Director of Research Computing
Scott Yockel
Director, FAS Research Computing

Merce Crosas
Mercè Crosas
University Research Data Management Officer

Jason Shaffner, Managing Director for Administrative Technology Services
Jason Shaffner
Managing Director, Administrative Technology Services

Stuart Snydman
Stuart Snydman
Managing Director, Library Technology Services


Stephanie Gumble
Stephanie Gumble
Managing Director, Administration and Finance

Catie Smith, Managing Director, Strategy and Service Management
Catie Smith
Managing Director, Strategy and End User Services

Alan Wolf, Managing Director for Academic Technology
Alan Wolf
Managing Director, Academic Technology