Remember me for 30 days

You have the option to use two-step verification every time you log in, or to choose "Remember me for 30 days" to verify just once a month. If you handle sensitive information, the recommendation is to verify every time you log in. Otherwise, using two-step verification every 30 days poses little risk, and many may find this a convenient option. 

1. After enrolling a device and activating two-step verificaiton on your HarvardKey account, log in to a protected online resource (e.g. Outings & Innings, PeopleSoft, Harvie).

2. The HarvardKey login screen will appear. Enter you HarvardKey login name and password.

3. The two-step verification landing page will appear. Check the box at the bottom "Remember me for 30 days"

remember me for 30 days

**Note the "Remember me for 30 days" feature saves a file to your browser to remember you. This means you have to choose this box for any new browser on each device you use. If your browser is set to clear out temporoary files when its closed, the Remember me feature will not work. Please contact your Local It Support Desk or HUIT if you have any issues with this feature.