Duo Authentication Methods

Harvard uses DUO Security to provide two-step verification on HarvardKey.  

There are several methods of authentication available depending on the device you are using for the second step of two-step verification.

To use the Duo Mobile app, you must first download the app from your platform's app store (Apple Store, Google Play, Windows Store).

After you set up and activate two-step verification, when you log in to a protected resource through the HarvardKey screen, you'll be prompted to verify your login using the secondary method of your choice.

Recommended for best user experience
  • If you use Duo Mobile push notifications, you'll receive a push notification on your device (mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch). Simply tap "Approve" to complete your login. (You will need a wi-fi or cellular data connection to use this option.)
Recommended for international travelers
  • If you use a Duo Mobile passcode, launch the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device to see a one-time use authentication code. Enter this code on the screen where you're logging in to a protected resource. (You do not need wi-fi or cellular data connection for this option because the app runs on your device.)
  • If you use a text message, you'll receive a text containing the authentication code. Enter this code on the screen where you're logging in to a protected resource.
  • If you use a landline/phone call, you'll receive an automated phone call asking you to press "1" to authenticate your login or "0" to report a fraudulent login.
  • If you use a YubiKey, the hardware token will generate a one-time Duo passcode and you will proceed to the protected resource. This option does not work with mobile devices, and is available to those who do not have, or cannot reliably use a mobile device or landline. Email hwtokenrequest@harvard.edu to request a YubiKey.

For frequent international travelers or those working out of the country:

If you travel internationally and need to access resources protected by HarvardKey, you may wish to set up your two-step verification method to Duo Mobile passcode. Using Duo Mobile passcode (available on mobile phone or tablet), you can generate authenication codes even if you don't have Internet, wi-fi, or cellular connection. 

Please note that if you are traveling internationally (or have an international phone number) and are using text messages as your method of two-step verification, you may be subject to your carrier's roaming charges for SMS messages.