International Travelers & Workers Abroad

  • Set Up a Device with an International Phone Number
    If you do not have a device with a US number, follow the instructions for activating a tablet (even if you don't have a tablet), and then follow the instructions for enrolling an international device. Download these instructions for enrolling a device with an international phone number. To do this, you must first activate two-step verification on HarvardKey using another device.
  • Use Duo Mobile Passcodes
    No internet or reliable cellular connection? The Duo mobile app generates changing six-digit mobile passcodes, in synchronization with your Harvard two-step verification account.

    You can use mobile passcodes for two-step verification even when your mobile device doesn’t have Internet or cellular access, such as during international travel or within “dead zones” of coverage. If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, hardware tokens that generate codes are available.
  • Download the Information Security Traveler's Checklist

How to use Duo Mobile Passcodes

After you set up your mobile device, find your mobile passcode in two clicks:

1. Tap the Duo mobile app icon on your mobile phone to open the application

Duo logo    

2. Tap the key icon next to the Harvard University entry to reveal the current mobile passcode

passcode generator