When to use Zoom

HUIT is monitoring our technology platforms carefully, working directly with our vendors to ensure stability and continuity of services. We are pleased with their performance thus far.

However, given the extraordinary additional demand anticipated, and our need to prioritize academic use, below are some basic guidelines for using Zoom sensibly:

  • Consider whether you need to hold a meeting. A phone call or email might suffice.
  • If you hold a Zoom meeting, keep it short.
    • Video calls are most effective when they are 45-min or less
    • Consider adopting a 10-min “stand-up” approach—a meeting not long enough to sit down—and focus on priorities of the day
  • Close out of your Zoom session when you are done. Do not host a persistent Zoom session.

As we continue to monitor Zoom performance, if the guidance above needs to change, we will update the community on best practices.