File Share Project

File Share Project

The File Share Project is a multi-year, University-wide initiative to modernize the way we store and share files and improve the way we collaborate. The project will migrate personal and departmental files from network drive storage to Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint.

Upcoming Trainings & Migrations

2022 Oct 11

Using SharePoint

Repeats every week every Tuesday until Tue Oct 11 2022 except Tue Aug 30 2022, Tue Sep 06 2022.
10:00am to 11:00am


Virtual via Zoom (details in registration confirmation)

SharePoint provides a range of collaboration tools for projects and teams including secure, centralized document management and sharing. Come to this introductory course to learn how to navigate a SharePoint Online team site, learn about policies and governance at Harvard, and see how this service can help improve your work! 


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Project Goals

  1. Move to a common platform for individual file storage. 

  2. Provide anywhere, anytime access to files. 

  3. Drive greater security through elimination of unnecessary data. 

  4. Eliminate the premised based individual file storage option. 

  5. Provide customer cost savings.

  6. Reduce user confusion over what tool to use for various use cases.

Project Progress

Progress of File Share Project for CADM - Complete

Progress of File Share Project at FAS

Progress of File Share Project for HGSE - Complete

Progress of File Share Project at HSPH


Q: Is my school or department part of the File Share Project?

A:  HUIT is working with departments in Central Administration, HDS, Radcliffe, GSE, HSPH and the FAS to move individual files into Microsoft 365 OneDrive.  All schools are welcome to participate in our OneDrive training. 

Q:  When will my files be moved to OneDrive?

A: You will be contacted by your department liaison with details and dates of when your files will be moved. 

Q: Will I need to manually move my files?

A: No, HUIT will move your files. There is nothing you need to do, but we recommend that you delete any files that are no longer used or needed before they're moved. 

Q: Will all file types be moved?

A: Some files are not allowed in OneDrive. In this case, HUIT and your local contact will work with you to find a suitable storage solution for them. You can find a list of invalid file types here.

Q: Will anyone have access to read/view my files during the migration process?

A: No, the migration process is automated and nobody will open or view your files. If you are using OneDrive during an active migration, you may see “SharePoint Administrator” listed as an owner on your files. This is normal and will be removed after the migration is completed. It does not mean anyone has viewed your file, only that the software needs access to your OneDrive in order to move the files.

Q: I have linked Excel files that were migrated, and the links no longer work. How can I fix this?

A: You can follow these instructions to fix broken links to data, or contact us for helpNote: The Excel web app does not support external links. You may see the error message: “Link Disabled – Links to external workbooks are not supported and have been disabled.” To enable the links you'll need to open the workbook in the Excel desktop app.

Q: I don’t have any files to migrate, but I would love to use OneDrive. Is it available to me?

A: Yes. Find out more about getting started with OneDrive

Q: Will HUIT move departmental files to SharePoint?

A: We're currently working on a plan to move departmental files into SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. Contact us for more information

Q: Are network file shares for departmental or organizational files going away? 

A: No. Standard storage options will continue to be offered for cases that require network storage.