Committee to Visit IT

Overview of Visitation Process at Harvard

Harvard’s visitation process aims to provide informed, objective, and candid assessments of the University’s various units, as well as constructive advice on their future direction and development. The process also offers an opportunity to evaluate current activities and goals within the larger context of the University’s priorities and plans.

Responsibility for supervising the visitation process is assigned to the University’s Board of Overseers. There is a visiting committee for each of the professional schools, various other units, and most departments within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Committees typically include one or more Overseers among their members.


The Committee to Visit Information Technology

The Committee to Visit Information Technology meets on a biennial basis on campus, and after each visit, produces a report that often includes an evaluation and set of recommendations. The report is submitted to the Overseers, the President and Fellows, the Provost, and the Vice President and University Chief Information Officer.  This document is used by leadership to set priorities and ensure Harvard’s technology strategy is aligned with the University as a whole.