IT Community

IT Community

IT Summit

Logo for the IT Summit at Harvard

The IT Summit, hosted by the CIO Council, is Harvard’s flagship event for more than 1,500 IT professionals and others interested in technology. The purpose of the event is to connect Harvard’s IT community to the University's mission and to each other; to celebrate the many achievements in IT at Harvard; and to look forward to exciting opportunities and innovations ahead.

IT Academy

Logo for Harvard IT Academy

The IT Academy offers Harvard IT staff the opportunity to participate in instructor-led courses and self-paced activities that will deepen subject matter expertise and broaden knowledge of Harvard's unique technology landscape.

Mentoring Programs



The IT Mentoring Program is an opportunity for IT professionals to network, receive coaching, and develop leadership skills. The 6-month program includes a mentoring circle that meets once a month. 


The HarvardWIT+ Mentoring Program is an all volunteer, staff-led 6-month program where we match marginalized genders with a mentor of any gender.



Listen to inspirational talks by CIOs and Senior Leaders of IT at Harvard—including Anne Margulies, Jason Snyder, Catie Smith, Rob Oatman, Dan Hawkins, Jim Waldo, and Ron Chandler—as they reflect on their leadership journeys and careers.

Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Every member of the Harvard community belongs here, and it is our responsibility to ensure our actions and interactions reflect this ideal and foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and has the opportunity to be their best selves. In HUIT, we are deeply committed to achieving these essential goals.  

Leveraging the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging, we have created a framework for inclusion and belonging within HUIT that includes these important objectives: 

  • Attract, develop, and retain diverse talent

  • Connect our staff to each other and to the mission of Harvard

  • Respect the diverse perspectives of our staff while ensuring their comfort and safety

  • Embrace the principles of inclusion and belonging and ensure they are reflected in our symbols, spaces, processes, and systems

Harvard IT Communities



Harvard has a growing number of IT Communities of Practice (CoP), areas where specialists can gather to discuss best practices and share knowledge. Have a Community of Practice? Please let us know.


Information technology at Harvard today is a rich community of users who play many roles. HUIT is dedicated to expanding and supporting Harvard's IT community. If you would like to have your organization added, please let us know.