Frequently Asked Questions

What desktop platforms are supported with Contact Center?

Most Contact Center agents use the web client for access to the service, with their favorite browser.  There is also a native desktop client for Windows machines (requires versions 3.5 and 4.5.2 of .NET), or Macintosh machines running Vmware.

I am a Harvard College student. Why can't I log into Skype or other Office 365 applications?

As a Harvard College student, your email, calendaring, and social applications are supported by Google. Your account is a Gmail account. It also gives you access to the Google Education Suite, including: Drive, Hangouts, Chats, Calendar, Sites and more. You do not have access to Microsoft Exchange products, which include, Outlook online, Calendar online and Skype for Business. You do have access to most Microsoft products including: SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Forms and the Office Online for Education suite.

What are best practices for configuring a new mailing list?

Best pratices for configuring a listserv or new mailing list using University-provided services:

  • Use a university-provided mailing list service
  • Only configure the default setting to keep archives to yes if you have a reason to maintain archives for a majority of lists
  • Configure the default setting for access archives to private
  • Notify subscribers of the mailing list archive status (enabled or
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