Internet and Home Network

Your home network may not be as fast or reliable as your internet connection in the office, especially if multiple members of your household are online while you're trying to work. If you're having trouble with your network, try some of the steps below to improve your connection.
And if you don't have reliable access to the internet at home, some internet and mobile data providers are offering expanded access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're having issues with your internet connection or speed

Before you start working

What to do if your connection is slow

  • Move closer to your wi-fi router. Getting closer to your router can improve signal strength. Wi-fi extenders can boost the signal in other rooms.
  • Restart your router or computer. Most routers have a reset button. If your computer isn’t connecting but other devices are still working online, reboot your computer.
  • Close other programs and limit streaming/large downloads while you work. Other programs on your computer may consume processor or network resources. Try disconnecting or limiting use of other non-essential devices on your network.
  • Call your internet service provider or check their status website to determine if there are any known issues. This will help you learn if the problem is widespread in your area or specific to your home.
  • Use a mobile hotspot. A hotspot lets you share your phone’s data with other devices to access the internet. Check with your mobile provider to see if a hotspot is an option for you

Download a printable PDF of these troubleshooting tips. If you need help, contact the HUIT Service Desk or your local IT support.

If you don’t have access to the internet at home

  • Access free or discounted internet / data during COVID-19 period. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, several internet and telecom service providers have pledged to offer free access to the internet or increased data allowances to ensure people can get online during this unprecedented time.
  • Connect to Eduroam. Eduroam is a global internet roaming service for education users. You can use your Harvard credentials to log in and access internet connection in schools, colleges, and libraries around the world. Download the app to locate Eduroam hotspots near you [iOS / Android], and connect to Eduroam by visiting
    • Note: consult local guidance on COVID-19 containment measures before heading to a hotspot facility.