IT Policies

University-wide IT policies are included here, as well as University policies that include the use of information technology, and IT policies for students and Harvard staff. However, this is not a comprehensive list of all Harvard policies that may involve information technology. Contact your School's IT department for School-specific policies, or the Office of the Provost for a more complete list of University-wide policies. Harvard Human Resources also provides a selection of University policies on Harvie.

IT Policies for All of Harvard

Accessible Technology Procurement and Development


Access to Electronic Information

(April 18, 2014)

Canvas Privacy and Acceptable Use

(January 22, 2015)

Copyright (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

(2013 - Office of the University Chief Information Security Officer)

Digital Accessibility

(April 30, 2019)

Information Security

(2013 - Office of the University Chief Information Security Officer)

IT Related Policies and Guidelines

Responsible Vulnerability Reporting

(2020 - Information Security)

Enterprise Architecture Standards

(Architecture Review Group)

Research Policies

(2013 - Office of the Vice Provost for Research)

Financial Policies

(2013 - Harvard Financial Administration)

Open Access Policies

(2010 - Office for Scholarly Communication)

Managing University Records

(2013 - Harvard University Library)

IT Code of Conduct

(2014 - Harvard CIO Council)

Guidelines for Using Social Media

(2014 - Harvard Human Resources)

Policy for Tablet Device Funding and Connectivity

(FAS and Central Administration) 

International Travel Advisory for Portable Computing Devices

This advisory is intended to assist members of the Harvard community who are going to be traveling with portable computing devices.

FAS Faculty IT Policy

Responsibility of Instructors

(FAS Information for Faculty)

Student Policies

College Students

(Harvard College Handbook for Students)

GSAS Students

(GSAS Handbook)

Additional Student Policies

Visit your Harvard School's website for other IT policies.

Staff Policies

Harvard Staff

(2013 - Harvard Staff Personnel Manual)