Welcome to the Digital Accessibility Newsletter

June 23, 2021

HUIT Digital Accessibility logo with flowing lines and icons to indicate sight, touch, cognition, and hearing

Welcome to Harvard’s first Digital Accessibility Newsletter! This newsletter will help you find tips, tools, and resources for creating inclusive digital content.

What is digital accessibility?

Harvard is committed to making sure that everyone can access the University’s knowledge, ideas, and resources. Digital accessibility means the digital content we create at Harvard—like websites, videos, and documents—should be usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. So for example, someone who isn’t able to use a mouse can navigate a website with their keyboard, someone who is deaf can watch a video with captions, and someone who is blind can read a document with a screen reader.

Why does it matter?

  • It’s important for diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Making our content accessible makes Harvard’s information inclusive of people with disabilities, who should have the same opportunities to use products, resources, and services as any other person.
  • It creates better experiences for everyone. Digital content is essential to the academic and administrative work of the University. Using accessible best practices—like writing and designing clear and simple content or adding captions to videos—helps to improve digital experiences for all of us.
  • It’s University policy. In 2019 the University adopted its Digital Accessibility Policy, which expects Harvard websites to meet accessible standards. We all have a role to play in making our information accessible.

How can I get started?

You’re not alone! You can get started and find support today:

  • Find your Digital Accessibility Liaison (DAL): At least one DAL has been appointed to represent each school and administrative unit. DALs are a central point of contact for digital accessibility and can assist their local community in identifying accessibility resources. Browse the list of DALs.
  • Meet the Digital Accessibility Services (DAS) team: We’re here to help! We offer training, consultation, and resources on accessibility. Meet the DAS team or email us at digitalaccessibility@harvard.edu.
  • Attend a training or event: You can register for live DAS instructor-led trainings on topics such as content creation, development, documents, and testing. You can also stop by our DAS Office Hours to get answers to your accessibility questions and help to get started.